Thailand Ride Friends vill erbjuden de utvalda unika Road Bike Tour, Mountain Bike Tour eller Enduro Tour i Thailand.

Det är inte särskilt konstigt att hundratusentals svenskar väljer att resa till Thailand år efter år, med tanke på paradisstränderna, det berömda lokala köket, de spännande utflykterna, fina hotell, det solsäkra klimatet och den vänliga befolkningen.

Vi anpassa er allt ni kan önskar er av en resa, konferens,klubbresor eller semester med guldkant. 

Boka med oss idag så löser vi det tillsammans!

Thailand Sports and Wellness

At Trailhead, the mountain bike tour, we care most about your experiences as you are in our own home. Our passion began from love to trail riding and the city of Chiang Mai. The city itself has a long heritage and people with different backgrounds, including the well-preserved nature. We are here as your partner to share our skilled local guides and the best bikes you can find. But we are just here to support you on your journey, it is for you to write and tell your own unique stories. These stories can be your memories with friends, locals or yourself. High standard services are the things that come first for us, but we also care about our local community. We started our first step as a local company to express the love of our home and our friends. Our origins and our present are one and the same. We encourage you to share your experiences and memories with the locals respectfully along the route we chose and the activities we organized. The community welcomes you with open arms as you help us support the local people and preserve the prosperous culture of Chiang Mai.

The story of Siam Bike Tours began in January 2005 during a cycling tour by the two Swiss cycling enthusiasts Martin Brot and Kurt Schlapfer. They fled from the cold weather in Europe and glided through the warm tropical landscape. "Since our first visit to Thailand, the country has fascinated us and we have never looked back." Formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam, Thailand has something for every cyclist. It would be our pleasure to show you our adopted country and let you experience the beauty of this tropical paradise. The warm weather, the smooth roads and the warmly smiling people welcome you to Thailand. Don't forget the very famous Thai cuisine and the infamous Thai massages, both of which are available at reasonable prices along the various tours. Numerous returning guests share our passion, and it would make us happy to enjoy your chosen tour with you not only as a customer but also as a friend. 


Experience Thailand enduro riding at its best with Enduro Madness Pattaya’s range of ultimate off-road enduro adventure tours. Whether you're looking for an epic day of dirt bike trail riding or an extreme multi day Thailand enduro tour upon breathtaking tracks and trails - you will find exactly what you are looking for with Enduro Madness Pattaya Thailand!

Established in 2008, Enduro Madness is Pattaya’s original and only world class enduro tour. Our large team provide tailor made ultimate Pattaya enduro tours and training for all rider skill levels from complete beginners who have never ridden a geared bike before, through to novice motorbike riders who are new to the off-road, experienced enduro riders and right up to expert competition level hard enduro maniacs who are looking to be truly tested by our Thailand enduro champion guides.

Welcome to Recreational Thailand Biking

Thailand, a perfect choice to spend your holiday! A very multifaceted country where you still get value for your money. Culture, history, nature, culinary delights, adventure and splendid beaches, it’s all here. Furthermore, the friendly and heartwarming Thai people guarantee an unforgettable vacation.

Founded early 2004 as Recreational Bangkok Biking with the aim to provide customers with an unique and unforgettable Bangkok biking experience. By now, we have become the RBB-group with offices in Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai, apart from our office/lounge in Bangkok.
A young and enthusiastic team of specialists with many years of experience and knowledge about their home town.

Our cycling excursions give you that little extra that is overlooked by most tourists. Hence you will experience Thailand more intense and get an experience that adds significant value to your holiday. 

It all began with an idea in 2012: open up – and run the length of – the first network of long-distance cross-country paths in Thailand.

There were not any long hiking or running trail in Thailand and we wanted to be the 1st to create one. Passionate about nature and trail running we wanted to go far from the standard tourist itineraries and create our own route, explore our own paths. The route we imagined had to give the opportunity to pass through the highest mountains in Thailand and to reach through the most remote tribal areas occupied by the ethnic minorities. Any paths which exist in the area had been cut by these people or their ancestors, to provide links between the villages. There was only one way to find out them. We had to visit the hill tribes.  

 During one year, helped by a translator-interpreter then on our own, we went to mountain villages to explain the project, make contacts establish confidence and finally find people able to show us the old trails. This is how we managed to find remote paths from villages to villages that we connected step by step to create a long one. In November 2013, finally we found the whole route and ran it in one week.  

 Thailand Mountain Trail was created just after this adventure. We wanted to share our passion about nature, trekking and trail running; we wanted to share our knowledge about trails. We decided to name this long footpath TGR1 as the 1st Thai Great Route or Thai GR footpath (in France GR for Grande Randonnée refers to long footpaths used for trekking and trail running). We organized other projects and events on this route and deepened the links with the locals.

 For three years, as we were working on other projects, we have been contacted by an increasing number of people. All of them were enthusiasts about entering remote areas to trek far and high or to run long and fast! In 2017 we finally launched and opened our agency in Chiang Mai. Thanks to our knowledge of mountains and people, we want to offer unique trips to sportspeople able to trek at least 10k in the mountains. 

Gym Bangarang was created to provide a unique training experience in the rice field in Chiang Mai. The gym opened in 2014 and was awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017 and later No. 1. Gym in Northern Thailand from the Thailand Sports Authority. Our focus is to provide high standards. We are located in Mae Rim-about 16 km from the city, away from all the temptations that allow you to concentrate on your chosen program.Gym Bangarang offers accommodation of Western standard in private villas on site with free wi-fi, air conditioning, seating area, fridge, private bathroom and terrace. Laundry facilities are available for a small fee. The location of the gym provides a unique Thai experience with access to some of the popular attractions in Chiang Mai that Mae Sa Waterfalls, X- CenterGuests from all over the world from ages 18-60 work with us for either a weekend, 1 week, 1 month and more ... Our trainers are certified and our Muay Thai trainers have C license training whether you are a beginner who wants to start a fitness program or drop a few pounds ... to learn Muay Thai - your needs will be well met here .